PURPOSE OF STUDY The present research is a modest effort Chrome Hearts Earrings to explore the similarities and dissimilarities by the point of feminism in the Chrome Hearts novels of Kamla Markandya and Shashi Despande. The topic entitled eminism in the novels of Kamla Markandaya and Shashi Deshpande of Comparative Study? tries to show the point of view of the both novelists on feminism. It focuses on the situation and experiences of the modern, educated, urban, middle Chrome Hearts Ring Chrome Hearts Bracelets class Indian women, which are filtered through the hopes, fears and uncertainties of an urban, middle class consciousness. Chrome Hearts Eyewear The woman suffers, but the also Chrome Hearts Bracelet endures the emotional world, which is consequent upon being the kind of person she is the novels of both the novelists mirror the Cheap Chrome Hearts different faces of feminism. The novelists are always in favour of theatrical representation of women condition. CHAPTER-1 FEMINISM The meaning of the word eminism?according to Oxford Advanced Learner Dictionary is the belief and aim that women should have the same rights and opportunities as men; the struggle to achieve this aim. Feminists agree Chrome Hearts Outlet that women, like men should also have the freedom. They argue for the existence of a female she exits as a human being with an individuality, honor and dignity. Those having a feminist consciousness assert the need of realization of their individuality (identity) and don hesitate to talk out the periphery of women lives. Development of feminine virtues with female nature and carrying out the responsibilities associated with the domestic affairs are considered as the only aim for the women. Chrome Hearts Jackets Patriarchal society considers Chrome Hearts Belt women as physically weak to venture into the world outside the four walls of their houses and to deficient to make important decisions. Hence, women are relegated to the domestic sphere where they Chrome Hearts Eyeglasses have to accept the hegemony of a male counterpart. Since ages it is considered that it is a woman duty to house, raise children and give comfort to her family. There is no discrimination in suppressing the females in 19th century and 21st century. Still they are deprived of all those pleasures which are the prerogatives of males. They are subjected to drudgery and lead the life of a captive. Tennyson, the representative poet of the Victorian age, keeps a wedge between the two sexes either of which was supposedly designed by God for a particular function and was endowed accordingly when he comments- Man for the field and woman for the hearth Man for the sword and for the needle she Man to command and woman to obey All else confusion. Similar differences Chrome Hearts Online Shop between the two genders can be applied even today without any objection. CHEPTER-2 BOLD AND COURAGEOUS WOMEN The second chapter of thesis deals a lot of confident and bold women these who don yield before the male hegemony. They are aware about their honor and dignity. They know very well that they should have the same rights and Chrome Hearts Bracelets opportunities as men. As we see in the novel he Dark Holds No Terror?(1980), Sarita emerged as a woman of determination and positive attitude, though she had seen the whole women world suffering without any cause. She was so bold that she got married with the boy who did not have bright Chrome Hearts Hat prospects in career, without consulting her parents. In the same way we find Lalitha in wo Virgin?(1973). She Chrome Heart ran away with a film producer Chrome Hearts Clothing and became pregnant but she does not feel any Chrome Hearts Sunglasses quilt by being an unmarried mother. She has no worried about society or its comment. She makes an abortion and again runs she makes an abortion and again runs away. In ectar In A Sieve? (1954) we see Rukmani courage, determination, resourcefulness, and her patient acceptance of her lot, were all displayed during the days of misfortune which soon followed. Rukmani is so courageous that she opposes the intrusion of modernity, industrialism and city upon the village and its tradition. She thinks that the tannery ruins the Chrome Hearts Sunglasses beautiful country side. he Binding Chrome Hearts Eyeglasses Vine?(1993) presents the tragedies of three women of very different backgrounds are inter woven. The novel shows how they struggle in their lives for their identity. CHAPTER-3 DEFY OF INDIAN TRADITION Kamla Markandaya novels, in comparison with those of her contemporary women writers, seem to be more fully reflective of the awakened feminine sensibility in modern India as she attempts to project the image of the changing traditional society. In her novel, wo Virgin?1973) she depicts the traditional rural world of Saroja and Lalitha. The placid rhythm of their existence is broken into by Mr. Gupta, a film producer, who comes from the big city. Lalitha runs away with him and became pregnant. After making abortion she again runs away by doing such deeds Lalitha defies the Chrome Hearts Online Store Indian tradition. In he Dark Holds No Terror?(1980) Sarita defies the Indian tradition by marrying with a boy without consulting her parents. After all she was alone, almost an orphan in spite of having both parents alive. In ome Inner Fury?1956) Mira, the daughter of a rich Indian family and Ira Chrome Hearts Eyewear in Nectar In a sieve (1954) are also defy the Indian tradition. Ira sells her body to feed kuti. She gives birth to an illegal son. It a great defy to Indian society and for its tradition and customs. In Handful of Rice?1966) Jayamma sudden relation with Ravi sexual intercourse is quite unexpected. These all the deeds are against the Indian tradition. The women of these novel don bind themselves into the walls of kind of caste creed and customs, race and religion. If we see in mall Remedies?(2000) of Shashi Deshpande, Savitribai Inderkar rebellious act to break away from her family for her love of music is not an isolated, whimsical, individual decision, The protagonists biographer Madhu exercises her choices, rejects her husband is essentialist approach and reconstructs her elf? Thus, we see these female characters try to live life on their own terms, resisting its vagaries with story silences, balanced self assertion and immersion in the arts. CHAPTER-4 WOMEN INNER URGE FOR THEIR IDENTITY This chapter deals with women inner urge to be recognized as a human being in this male dominated society. They are highly conscious about their identity. They don want to be happy with a mere a wife and a mother. In hat Log Silence?Jaya is the embodiment of a woman who has a inner urge. Jaya had dreamt like other girls of her age that there would be love and Chrome Hearts romance after marriage as she had seen the Chrome Hearts Belt films of Raj Kapoor and Nergis, carry grant and Deborah Kerr. She had imagined that her husband would be a handsome Youngman and would say to her Love You? It shows her inner urge far sex. In ectar In A Sieve (1954) Rukmani inner urge for giving birth to a son. When she gives birth to a female child, named Ira her husband Nathan does not become happy because he wanted a son. So once Rukmani goes to Kenny for treatment and consequently gives birth to her first son after Ira has reached the age of seven. When the same condition repeats with Ira, Rukmani takes help of Kenny again. In the same way we see in oots and Shadow?that Indu hopes to find a sense of fulfillment in her relation ship with Jayant. Thus the essential woman Chrome Hearts Eyewear can not be unraveled independent of the forces that generate it, but from within the very constructs that fashion it, the confluence Chrome Hearts Glasses of forces from which subjectivities emerge. Mini like most women, grows up believing in predestined marriages beyond individual choices. In wo Virgin?1973) we see Saroja the sister of Lalitha. She is the girl Chrome Hearts Earrings of Indian tradition but she has a great inner urge for her own identity like her sister Lalitha. In he Drk Holds No Terrar (1980) it the inner urge of Sarita that she wanted the equal rights like her brother, Dhruva but her mother had never given her so much value. The novelists being women such a choice not only give her feminize sensibility fictional expression but also ennobles her to highlight the role of women in the present day society. CHAPTER-5 IMPACT OF INDIAN TRADITION In this chapter we find that inspite of being educated and conscious women, yet they have a strong impact of Indian Tradition of their Chrome Hearts Hong Kong lives. They are happy Chrome Hearts Hat with the tradition Cheap Chrome Hearts and customs they don want to come out of from this. They feel that a husband is very necessary far a woman to live in the society. They thinks that a husband is a sheltering tree for them and he is all in all for then. As we see Jaya in hat Long Silence? is an example of the women who have no choice but to submit to be led by their husbands like Sita and Draupadi of yesteryears to the forests and jungles, and in the mire of infamy and deserted finally. In the reference of Rukmani in ectar In a Sieve?1954) we see that in spite of being Chrome Hearts Bracelet the daughter of the village headman, she is married to Nathan, a poor tenant farmer in a south Indian village. Rukmani have to face a lots of problems after her marriage, cause of poverty but she never loose her patience and remain with her husband in all the situation like the great Sita of reta yug? The same things we see in Roots and Shadows that Chrome Hearts Outlet Indu gives up the financial freedom of her job as a Chrome Hearts Sunglasses journalist and decides to Chrome Hearts Glasses do what she could do best, writing, even though it meant an uncertain future and perhaps a risk of lapsing back into a dependent status on her husband. One can not assume that patriarchy means the same thing for all women. In wo Virgin?1973), there are two sisters- Lalitha and Saroja. Saroja is the younger sister. She is conscious about her Chrome Hearts Hong Kong tradition. Although Lalitha loves glamour but Saroja is a simple girl. She never do the Shameful act Chrome Hearts Sunglasses like her sister. It is a glimpse of Indian tradition in her personality. CHAPTER-6 THE ROLE OF SOCIETY The chapter deals the role of society as a Chrome Hearts Ring major force to control women identity. Society does not allow a woman moves freely. It doesn impart equality with women. It has duplicity in its norms. The duplicity of the social norms is the genesis Chrome Hearts Hat of the tragic dilemma and ghastliness in the life of a female. Both the novelists have beautifully shown the role of society. According to them Chrome Hearts Sunglasses the society is the victim that makes a woman victim. As we see Rukmani and Ira in Nectar In A Sieve; Saroja and Lalitha in wo Virgin? Jaya in that log Chrome Hearts Bracelets silence, Sarita in he Dark Holds No Terror?and a Chrome Hearts Hoodie lots of female characters Chrome Hearts Earrings of both the written are victimized and flirted by the society. A male chauvinist is as much a victim of hedonistic pursuit as a female. Chrome Hearts Jewelry The morality code is prescribed by the man for their convenience. This male world puts the label of an adulterous on the woman if there grounds any feature of the slightest departure from the accepted and unflinching code of morality. In these circumstances the relations as marriage becomes a trap, an instrument of suppression and torment for women for want of love, involvement, communication and respect to each other individuality. Life becomes a play of shame and sorrow when a female is emotionally wounded by a male. In an orthodox society the role of a person other Chrome Hearts Jewelry than her husband is tantamount to violation of the accepted norms Chrome Hearts Glasses of morality. A woman becomes a victim of this split between pronounced value and actual value.

CHAPTER-7 CONCLUSION In spite of being a democratic world females have to face many problems in getting feminism. They haven got the equality to men even now. Being tortured they can say Chrome Hearts Bracelets something but they tolerate the miseries of thir lives silently. As we see the condition of Rukmani in the novel Nectar in a Sieve of Kamla Markandaya. Just like Rukmani, Sarita have to face many problems in the life inspite of being innocent in the novel the Dark Holds No Terror of Shashi Deshpande. There are many female characters are portrayed by the both novelists, as Ira, Jaya, Lalitha, Jayamma, Irri-Urmi, Vanna- Mandira etc. Deshpande examines lives of half a Chrome Hearts Bracelets dozen women to become hysterics, escapists, sacrificial goats and what compels them to be silent, drives them to commit suicide or to death. BIBLIOGRAPHY A.PRIMARY SOURCES A.I NOVELS BY KAMLA Chrome Hearts Online MARKANDAYA 1.Nector In Chrome Hearts Online a Sieve (1954):Mumbai, Jaica Publishing House, 2003. 2.A Handful of Rice (1966):New Delhi, Orient Paper Backs Pvt. Ltd (Ist Edt. 1985) 3.Two Virgin (1973) Cheap Chrome Hearts :Lucknow, New Prints Man, 2002 4.Some Inner Fury (1956) 5.A Silence of Desire (1960) 5.Possession (1963) 6.The Caffer Dams (1969) 7.The No Where Man (1972) 8.The Golden Honey Comb (1977)

A.II NOVELS BY SHASHI DESHPANDE 1.The Dark Holds No Terror:Penguin Books Ltd. 2.That Long Silence :Penguin Books Ltd., 1989 3.The Binding Vine :Penguin Books Ltd., 1993 4.Small Remedies :Penguin Books India, 2000 5.A matter of Time :Penguin Books India, 1996 6.The Narayanpur Incident:Puffin Books First Published By Penguin Books India, 1995 7.Roots and Shadows 8.It a Die Today 9come Up and BeDead 10.Moving on (2000)

B.SECONDARY SOURCES 1.Writing Difference the Novel:Chanchala K. Naik Delhi, of Shashi Deshpande Pencraft International, 2005 2.Journal :Bijay Kumar Das New Delhi, Atlantic Chrome Hearts Hoodie Publishers and Distributors, 1999 3.Research Journal :Bapsi Sidhwa- he Pakistani Bride?: A Saga of Female oppression (A Pakistani perspective) -Singh, Shweta -Agarwal, Malti.


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